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Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Overall Cyber Risk Assessment

Your organization is always at risk though you may not even know it. Utilizing a series of questionnaires and other tools, ATON will develop a baseline assessment of your Cyber Security status. Working with your IT staff, we will identify and document specific areas of weakness and help you develop a set of remediation steps to reduce the risk of a successful attack. By performing the assessment on a periodic basis, you can track the progress you are making towards a safer cyber experience.

Internal Risk Assessment

Your local area network, is the backbone of your computing environment, contains a number of potential areas of risk. ATON will access your network from within and run non-destructive software that will identify where the weaknesses can be found, assessing your security policies and physical security of your servers, switches, etc., resulting in recommendations for improving your data protection.

External Risk Assessment

Stories of large data breaches often focus on a company that was successfully attacked from outside the local area network, via the Internet. Such attacks often are the result of holes in the firewalls or other outward-facing network devices. In most cases, the only way to identify whether such holes exist in your environment is with penetration testing. Pen testing utilizes sophisticated software that attempts to break into your network from a remote location. ATON Pen Testing is non-destructive, simply probing for holes in your defenses, remediating the weaknesses and greatly reducing your risk of external attack.

Go Phish(ing)

Phishing is an attempt to gain access to your network or data by disguising a malicious email as coming from a trusted source. The bogus message usually directs you to take some action that gives the attacker the information desired. ATON will run a “White Phishing Expedition” to identify how susceptible your co-workers are to this form of social engineering, the results of which will tell you how many people failed the test and who they were. Remediation of the issue is a simple process.

Security Awareness Training

No matter what we do to protect our cyber environment, humans are always the single point of failure. ATON will provide the education your employees need to reduce the number of dangerous actions they take, discuss what actions to take with suspicious email messages, how to stay safe within social media, and what to do if they get hacked.