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Computer Networking

Network Design & Implementation

Information sharing throughout your organization is critical to your ability to efficiently provide services to your constituents and your computer network is the backbone on which this ability is built. ATON has 25 years of experience designing and implementing local- and wide-area-networks, ranging in size from a single server with 15 users to a complex environment with 50 servers and over 1000 users.

To identify and reach your computing goals, we will work with your team to develop a list of the required hardware/software, build & install the new network, and provide user training as required.


Doing more with less is the NJ government way. ATON will assist in reducing hardware costs, maintenance expense, and utility charges by combining your physical servers into a single, virtualized environment. Utilizing either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMWare’s vSphere software, we will increase resource utilization by partitioning a single physical server into multiple virtual servers, each virtual server functioning as an individual entity, running its own operating system and applications.

The result is robust computing environment that is less expensive to maintain, more durable, and easier to expand than your current network.

On-going Support

Increasingly complex computing environments require increased maintenance and support efforts. ATON believes the most efficient means of supporting a network is with a combination of remote and on-site services. We will monitor key functions of your network remotely, oftentimes learning about significant network failures before you do and before they result in any damage. In many cases, these failures can be resolved in a single, on-line service effort.

We will provide scheduled hands-on, on-site support visits to ensure the most efficient and reliable performance of your computers. This gives us a chance to intimately understand your technology and to get acquainted with your staff. Implementation of a professional maintenance program enhances network performance and reduces the chance of network failures.