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Business Continuity Services

Business Continuity Services

Disaster Avoidance/Recovery planning

Every day the world becomes more dependent upon its technology and the computer infrastructure it sits on.  To minimize risk of business interruption, ATON will develop and implement a plan that addresses both Disaster Avoidance and Disaster Recovery.

We help define the level of crises you want to prepare for (server failure, building collapse, regional disaster), assess the risk of one (or more) of these calamities actually happening, and identify methods of mitigating those risks.

We will identify which government functions are most critical; how quickly they need to be back online; what resources are necessary to recover from each specific crisis; assess computer hardware/software needs, communications requirements, critical personnel and what facilities are necessary for you to continue operations while damages are repaired and functionality is restored.

ATON will also provide the resources necessary to recover when a crisis occurs.

Budgets & Planning

Our computing environment becomes more complicated and more costly as we attempt to utilize technology as a means of containing operating expenses.  Long-range planning and short-term budgeting are absolutely necessary for you to maximize the benefits of new technologies.

ATON is proficient at developing Information Technology Strategic Plans, with a focus on practical solutions to ever-changing requirements.  We work with you to develop and prioritize an understanding of your three-to five-year technology goals, identifying appropriate systems that allow you to accomplish your goals and we develop cost estimates for those projects.  Finally, an implementation timeframe is calculated and the overall plan is presented.

Focusing on a shorter horizon, ATON often assists our clients with their capital and operating Information Technology budgets. We base our efforts on the one- and two-year technology goals identified in the Strategic Plan and attempt to develop a realistic cost estimate to accomplish those goals.  We also work with our clients to create a hardware/software replacement strategy that will spread the purchase of new computers over time.